Friday, October 26, 2012

Mom's Impulsive Shopping Trip

As many know, the kids have been wanting a dog ever since we had to put our dear Mookie to sleep.  Russ and the kids have been actively looking, but we have found that dogs are expensive.    You can't even get a dog from the animal shelter for less than $100.  We have looked on Craig's List.  Either they are asking too much of a rehoming fee for the dog or do not get back to us.  Other dogs that have been offered for free are a breed that just won't work for our family (too big, too mean, too high maintenance,etc).  We needed something smaller, preferably just a mutt, female,  So, several months ago I told Russ that we were working too hard for a dog, and that the dog we were supposed to have will just "fall into our lap".   It will happen when we least expect it.  And that is what happened this morning.  

I made an innocent trip to Meijer to get ONE item.  I was not in the store very long at all, and when I exited (the same door I went in) a lady and her three kids were sitting outside the door with a box of puppies.  (She was not there when I went in!) "Giving them away for free," she said.  They were SO cute.  So I set my purse down and asked what breed they were.  "The mom is Jack Russell and Yorkie and the dad is unknown, so they will be pretty small."  My eyes immediately locked onto the small one.  Before I picked it up I asked if  any were females.  "Yes, the two that are left are both females," she answered while pointing to the cute little one.  I immediately picked her up and fell in love.  Another very well-dressed lady picked up the other female and was eyeing mine.   I knew if I set her down, I wouldn't get her back.  So, I did the most impulsive thing I did in a long time.  I said, "I'll take her."  The now previous owner gave me a card of her breed name, date of birth, and date she had her first puppy shots. 

My first stop was the seminary.  Russ was pretty excited.  He wanted to come home with me to see the kids faces.  As we were pulling out of the seminary lot we noticed that the Northpointe parking lot was clearing out--lunch hour.  So, we took another detour to Northpointe.  Caleb was elated.  Evidently the puppy was too, because it peed all over him.  So, we signed Caleb out of school for a little bit and took him home with us.  The kids were all excited at my impulsive shopping trip, as I knew they would be.  

The kids named her Zoe, and at six weeks old she is really very, very cute.  

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  1. Welcome to the family, Zoe! Can't wait to meet you:)