Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Youth Group Outing

Last Saturday we had our second youth group outing.   We went to a corn maze and then all the kids came to our humble abode for snacks, games, and eventually a bonfire with brats/dogs...and more games.  With Russ in charge there will never be a lack of games.  About seventeen kids came out for the afternoon/evening so we had a great turn out and lots of fun. 
This is the corn maze design we went through.  The kids didn't like this corn maze as much as Pumpkinland in OC.  #1 the corn was not very tall so the bigger kids could look over the tops of the corn, #2 they had look-out towers manned to yell at kids who ran or cut through the corn.  For some reason that makes my kids tense even though they weren't doing anything wrong. And the #3 reason was because if you found all the "cornundrum" signs and figured them out you only got to put your name in a drawing for donuts and apple cider--no candy/pop prizes:(

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