Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is a slightly belated post...

At the BSF Leader's Meeting fellowship the Saturday before Thanksgiving we were asked to share one blessing that we are especially thankful for this year.  (One?  Only one?)   I gave this some thought as I listened to my fellow leaders share, and decided that I was so very thankful for the blessing of God's provision for our family.  Yes, I am thankful for how he has provided for us financially through the generosity of churches, family, and other brothers and sisters in Christ, but I am also thankful for his provision in other areas as well.  I am thankful he provided a school for Caleb, music teachers for the kids, the seminary food pantry to offset the grocery bill, a fun home school group, supportive families, and doctors and dentists for the kids.  I am especially thankful for His provision of a Savior who rules and guards as king, atoned and intercedes as priest, and teaches and reveals as a prophet.

When Cora first wrote me that she and Marlon were planning to visit for the holiday I tried to hard to keep it a secret from the kids.    I succeeded with all but one (I had an obvious slip-up with Caleb) and it was fun to see their faces when the cousins walked through the door.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at Jim and Lisa Bleeker's house with Linda, Steve, Aunt Alyda, and Mark and Laura's family.  The weather was so beautiful that day, and actually all weekend.  The kids loved playing with Cody the Bleeker's dog.  After we left the Bleeker's we headed to Grand Haven to see Lake Michigan.  The waves were like ocean waves as it was incredibly cold and windy right by the lake.  The kids still had fun looking for shells and running around on the beach.  I didn't even get my camera out, but I know Cora took a few pictures. 

On Friday Cora and I went to Blok's Orchard and bought a few apples for her to take home and for me to make some more sauce or pies.   We met the rest of the crew at the seminary for a quick tour and then headed down to the river.  We parked by the fish ladder, but unfortunately, no fish were jumping.  We enjoyed a nice river walk to the Ford Museum and back.  Jet's Pizza cooked for us that night.  Cora and Marlon left late Saturday morning and the house was entirely too quiet.  Glad it is only a few weeks until Christmas break.

These two were in charge of the pancakes Saturday morning.

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