Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home School Woes

Every home with children generates clutter, but homes where kids are homeschooled just have to create more than average.  Obviously, the kids are home all day so they will make more of a mess, but there is also the creative fall-out from school work.  And I know I have mentioned this before, but one of the hardest parts of homeschooling for me is the clutter it creates.  On any given day science experiments are resting on the counter or window ledge; paints, markers, and colored pencils are scattered over the counter, table, or floor; and scraps of paper from the latest creative session litter the floor.   Being willing to make my home a haven of creativity and learning is completely fine with theory.  But sometimes I just weary of the disorder and untidiness it creates.  So, yesterday I decided to go from room to room and photograph all those messy areas that irritate me.  And then I prayed that instead of seeing them as untidy annoyances, I would view them as blessings of learning and creativity!

Science experiment #1:  growing crystals from a thrift store purchased crystal growing set.

Science experiment #2:  Growing beans in Plaster of Paris to demonstrate physical weathering

Science experiment #3:  How long does it take for a grape to become a raisin?

Science experiment #4:  Growing crystals from alum powder  

Science experiment #5:  Crushed green leaves with acetone and coffee filters to show all the pigments stored in leaves.

Creativity #1:  1-2-3 Draw session

Creativity #2:  Results of Creativity #1 scattered on the sofa (Seth)
Creativity #3:  Painting rocks

Next week we set up an ant farm.  Sigh...

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