Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Story of Jesus Birth by Seth Herman

The other night Seth began telling me the story of Jesus' birth.  It was just so earnest and so darn cute that I asked him if it would be okay if I got the computer and typed it out as he told it to me.  He was eager to oblige, and in fact, asked to do another one on the death of Jesus.  This is, of course, missing something because you are not actually hearing him tell the story with his little lisp and big brown eyes but this is the best I could do without a video.  So, here is Jesus' birth dictated word for word from Seth David Herman:

The angel came to Mary.  The angel said, "Mary, you're gonna have a son.  His name is Jesus."  They went to Joseph and they said, "You will go down to Bethlehem with a girl named Mary and there you will have son named Jesus."  Then Mary and Joseph jumped on their camel, and then they saw the star on top of the house where Jesus was born.

The shepherds saw a flashing light in front of them.  They put their hands over their eyes and then they saw an angel singing a choir saying "Holy, Holy" about Jesus.  And then the angels came to some wise men and told them that there would be a son named Jesus.

So the wise men jumped on their camels and they started following the star.  They went to King Herod's place.  They asked King Herod, "Is the Messiah going to be born here?"  King Herod did not like this because he wanted to be king over the people.  And then the wise men kept walking with their camels.

Then they went through water, desert, and forests, until they reached the town of Bethlehem.  And there they saw the little house with the star over it.  They wise men were confused.  "Why wasn't it a palace or something?" the wise men said.  The wise men went inside and they saw a beautiful girl named Mary with a son on her lap.  The wise men whispered to theirself, "This is the Messiah."  They put down their spices and silver.

And then when Jesus was all growed up into a boy, Mary and Joseph got back up on their donkey and they went back home.  

They went to the temple to give an altar to God.  They saw a man, and the man came over to Jesus.  He held Jesus and he said, "Lord, I saw your Messiah.  I am ready to die now."  Then a girl came and blessed Jesus.  And then they went home

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  1. Oh, Sethie. I can't wait to see you and kiss your sweet face!