Monday, July 3, 2017

Trip to Canada--Part 1

We originally planned to drive to Chilliwack, BC for the wedding of a young man from the Mountain Home AFB who worshiped with us for over a year.  However, he didn't let us know until about six weeks before the intended wedding date that he had actually gotten married in March!  We debated for awhile on what we should do and decided since the church had already obtained pulpit supply for Russ we would proceed as planned.  We really did want to see Micah again and were anxious to meet his new wife Chloe and her (and now their) three-year old daughter April.  

We drove up on Friday and stayed two nights by Micah's parents in Chilliwack.  We stayed up late visiting on Friday night and spent Saturday exploring the area around Chilliwack with Micah and Chloe.  

The trip to Canada was quite beautiful.  Anna took this photo from one of the rest stops.

The first stop on our Saturday of exploration was the nursery where Micah works, Qualitree.  He works in the office in sales. 

Our second stop was at the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls.

Micah and Chloe

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