Thursday, June 15, 2017

Other Random Pictures from Spring 2017

Here are a few other random pictures from this spring.  They didn't really fit in any other post so I just plopped them all in this one. 

This was the last outing we were able to make with the Casual Co-op.  We were  at Table Rock but on a different trail than we usually hike to the top.  Most of the kids went off exploring and rock climbing.  You can barely see Seth on this one.  He is kind of wearing a "Where's Waldo" hat.

Saw this on my walk with a church friend one  morning  I think I counted over 15 little ducklings.  That's a lot for one momma to keep track of!

Nicolas' last concert with the Boise Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.  He had several friends that came and supported him.  All the seniors were recognized and given roses.  He hates that the rose in this picture with him.   I think his comment was, "I look like a Latin lover, or something."  Amoré!

An early spring view of Payette Lake in McCall, ID where we gathered at a retreat house the first weekend in May  (Thursday-Saturday) for a church women's retreat.  I was privileged to lead the teaching time with the assistance of Jen Wilken's study material on 1 Peter.

Our last official gathering with the Casual Co-op was a meal at the Ferch home with dads and all non-homeschool siblings.  We were able to launch the rockets we had made several weeks before.

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