Saturday, June 3, 2017

Homeschool Track

Lydia and Seth both ran for the Idaho Christian Running Club again this year.  It continues to be comprised primarily of homeschool families.  After I had dropped them off for practice, Zoe and I would walk the trails around Borah High School.  I loved the beautiful view in the spring when the snow was still on the foothills.

They have a total of four meets during the year, but we were only able to make two of them.  The last track meet Seth and Lydia were blessed to have the whole family there to watch them compete.  Anna was even able to get her last few required volunteer hours for school by helping with the long jump and timing.   Look who is raking again...

See her brothers in the background?  They were on the back stretch cheering her on in her 400m.

Not exactly sure how to caption this:)

They all decided to grab a stopwatch and help time the races.   Love them!

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