Thursday, July 6, 2017

Trip to Canada--Part 3

After the tunnels we stopped for lunch at Triple O's for a good burger and fries.  We had to give poutine, a traditionally Canadian food, a try.  This is French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy.  Chloe also asked if I had ever tried vinegar on my fries (as she was pouring a ketchup-like packet of vinegar over her fries.)  As soon as  I admitted that I had not had that privilege, an elderly man stopped in his tracks while he was walking by our table and said, "Everyone here knows about vinegar on fries.  You must be from south of the border."  So, of course, I tried it and it was pretty good.  Not really that surprising since ketchup is made with vinegar...

Micah and Chloe couldn't stay with us in the afternoon but encouraged us to continue to explore. Micah's dad had recommended Harrison Lake earlier that morning, so we plugged it in our GPS and explored a little on our own.

One of the kids said, "Look!  Canadian geese where they belong!  We have a large goose poop problem in all of our Boise parks.

On our way back to the Butlers, Russ decided he had to stop and browse at this store:

That evening Micah's four siblings and their families came over for a spaghetti supper and played "Catch Phrase."  We loved meeting the rest of his family and had just a great night of fellowship with new friends!

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