Thursday, July 13, 2017


By Anna Herman

Where I’m From

I am from a pink Bunny, from ­­Pizza Ranch, and games.

I am from the two houses with the cracking Locust pods and the wild jungle.

I am from the Snow Mountain, the Holly Hocks who created the princesses that danced in the wind at the balls.

I am from a Lake and glasses, from Laura and Russell and loving, trying siblings.

I am from the readers and competitors.

From all the way, right away and cheerfully.

I am from the prayers, sermons and nightly devotions, from Christ came to save me and I live for Him.

I’m from Orange City and the Dutch community, pies and fresh apples.

From the moves across the states, ‘See What a Morning’, and the Teacher’s candy stash.

I am from the photo albums kept in a closet that contain the
happy and sad times,
the moves and travels,
the love and comfort,
that makes me who I am.

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