Thursday, July 4, 2013

First Trips to Lake Michigan this Summer

Between mowing lawns, painting, trimming bushes, putting down mulch, soccer camp, housecleaning, preparing for our church's NBS (Neighborhood Bible School), picking and canning strawberries and cherries, and youth group activities (and for Russ--preparing sermons, working for Dr. Murray, and visiting shut-ins) we found time to finally make two trips to Lake Michigan.  The first trip we went early (on the beach by 10:00) and the second time we went after work, ate supper on the beach, and then ate ice cream cones while enjoying the sunset on the lake.   Hopefully, we can make a few more before the summer is over.  The kids are waiting for a red flag day so they can jump the huge waves!

The sky was threatening for awhile and we could see it rain over the lake, but by the time it reached the shore the clouds broke apart and we only got a few drops.

The water is still freezing.  You seriously can't feel your toes if you are out there too long.

Caleb insisted I post this picture

It may have been a little windy for frisbee, but we didn't hit anyone, thanfully.

As always, we enjoy watching the fishermen on the pier

The sailboats were so beautiful on the lake that day

The lighthouse is so picturesque you can't help but take a picture even though you have several already

And, finally, the beautiful sunset

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