Saturday, June 22, 2013

Skyler and Mara's Wedding

While in Iowa we took a weekend detour to Mitchell, SD for the wedding of our niece Mara.  She is the first of the Herman cousins to be married!  The cousins had a great time together at the wedding reception/dance and at the hotel swimming pool.   The pictures are not great as I did not have my good "indoor" lens with me.

First dance as husband and wife

The "big" kid table

Russ and Renee

Andy, Renee, Karsten, Russ and Seth with Karl in the background

The "not-quite big kid" table

Sisters of the bride:  Sara and Leah

More big kid table

Grandpa with Alethea

They were nice to each other!

Father/daughter dance

Seth and Kristina

Sara and Leah helping Mara unroll the toilet paper before Skyler.  Too slow--Skyler wears the pants in the family!

Group dancing

Leah got Seth out on the dance floor!

Whooping it up in the "Chicken Dance"

Parents of the bride--Keith and Beth

Renee and Andy

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