Friday, July 5, 2013

Sweet Cherries

Earlier this week, the younger three and I had our first experience picking sweet cherries.  We went to Gavin Orchards near Coopersville with a friend from BSF.  The weather wasn't great--we picked in the rain--but the cherries were awesome.  They hung in clumps like grapes.  Carrie said she has picked berries for years and this is the best crop she has seen.  She told me the best way to store them for snacking was to fill the fridge crisper drawer.  So that is what I did with all 19.5# of them.  At $1.50/lb I'll have to go back for more!  Sour cherries are also ready to pick so I may consider going back to pick some of those.  They are more work because you have to pit them before you can bake/cook/freeze them.  

We finished up our first cherry picking experience by going out for pizza and ice cream with Carrie and her kids.  

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