Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Creativity...

Caleb used some of his free time this summer to make a desk for his room out of wood pallets (all that shingling gave him some good material to work with!)

Nicolas continues to whittle knives and found Grandpa and Grandma's birch some of the best wood he's whittled with yet.

The girls and Seth have gotten Knifty Knitter out again on these hot, humid summer days.  It is a little hard to think about stocking hats and scarves, but I am glad it gives them something to do.  They usually ask me to read aloud to them while they knit.  We just started the Scout series--Seth and the girls have not read them, but this will be my second time reading them aloud as I read them a few years ago to Caleb and Nicolas.    I think it is cute that if Nicolas and Caleb are around they will usually meander into the room to listen. 

My creativity this past week centered on baking bars for Big Sand.  I looked at the extended forecast on Thursday last week and saw that the temps for this coming week were to be in the 90s--not ideal for having the oven on.  Since Friday was a beautiful day-not too hot or humid-and I had to work on Saturday, Friday was the baking day.  I made the mistake of asking everyone what they wanted and ended up with five requests.   Since I didn't know who to disappoint I made all one a batch of cooked triple berry jam.   Not sure I'd do that again, but am glad to have it done, and my oven can stay off this week!

Chipper bars, raisin cream bars, and Big Sand bars (chocolate/marshmallow).  I also made rice krispie bars with caramel and scotcheroo bars so Russ doesn't have to raid Becca's cabin:)

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