Sunday, November 11, 2012

Under the Weather

This weekend at the Hermans can be marked with coughing, crud, and lots of Kleenex.  Caleb started us out early this week, Russ and Nicolas quickly followed and now Lydia and I are taking our turn.  

Caleb did not have school on Tuesday due to P/T conferences so he was able to get some much needed rest.  Thankfully, this weekend is a quiet weekend:  no work for me, no preaching, no youth group.  Quite different from a week ago!  Last weekend Renee and Andy and family were here from late Thursday night until Sunday morning.  I worked a long day on Saturday, and Russ preached at Sheldon Meadows on Sunday afternoon and led youth group right after that.   We are thankful to have a more restful weekend.

This past week I enjoyed a wonderful talk at the MWI meeting by Shona Murray on pastoral life, specifically dealing with expectations and the idea of living in a fish bowl.  The previous talk by Elina VanderZwaag on contentment was also quite good.  If interested you can read a summary of the talks on their blog right here.   

We enjoyed having Sydney and Greg VR for a meal Wednesday night.  They were not able to stay long due to school commitments so I hope they come again soon.  Sydney insisted she would be here again soon, but I think that was because she fell in love with our puppy!

Caleb's violin teacher ended up having two studio sessions on Saturday, so Caleb was able to go to the early one and still make it to St. Cecilia for the Sonata/Sonatina piano festival.   Russ usually takes Caleb to these events because I just get too nervous, and I think I put him on edge.  Both said that it went better this year than last year.  Last year was a first for Caleb's piano teacher as well, so I think there may have been a learning curve for both teacher and student.  I heard him practice the song many, many times at home (he needs to have it memorized) and he really did sound quite good.  They are not really given a grade, just judged with comments, etc.    Although he is glad to have that behind him, Russ said Caleb mentioned he would like to do it again next year.  

Today we are enjoying 60 degree weather.  Wish I felt better to go outside and enjoy it.  As it is, I would prefer to stay in my bed and nap!   

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