Friday, November 30, 2012

Lost His First Tooth!

Seth's tooth had only been loose for a few days before it fell out.  I wasn't that surprised he had a loose tooth because he had been complaining for awhile that his bottom front tooth hurt when he bit into apples, etc.   I will post the story of how he lost the tooth, not because I think it is "oh, such a cute story".   On the contrary, it is a story that does nothing for my parental pride.  But this is just how it is at the Herman house and someday maybe we will laugh about it so I will post it for all posterity.

How Seth Lost His First Tooth

On Wednesday afternoon I was in a hurry to get the kids in the van so Nicolas would arrive at Homeschool Orchestra on time.  I sent them out the door while I finished gathering my purse, keys, coffee thermos, etc.  While I was locking the door I heard wailing coming from the garage at the same time Lydia appeared at the bottom of the steps.  "It is not going well in the van," she commented.  "Seth lost his tooth in the van.  I think Anna knocked it out and now he can't find it." So I headed into the garage thinking, "Seriously, my ten year old just knocked out the tooth of my six year old?" and I felt myself getting quite irritated/angry.   Of course, it was impossible to see anything in the van, so I told the kids to get in the van so I could back it out of the garage so we could see better.   Through all this, I questioned Anna.  "Why did you hit him?"  "Where in the van did this happen so we know where to look?"  Anna kept crying saying, "I didn't hit him! I didn't hit him!"  Lydia eventually found the tooth, we put it a safe place, found our places in the van, and took off down the road.  Everyone had calmed down by this time and we heard Anna quietly say from the back, "I think I know how Seth lost his tooth.  I think it came out when he bit my leg."  

Me:  "Seth, you bit her?"  
Seth:  "Yeah, and I think that is when I lost my tooth.  I think it was the jeans...Dad did tell me it will probably come out when I bit into something."  
Me:  "Right, but I don't think he intended for it to be your sister!"  

The End. 

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