Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I thought I would post a few pictures of our trip to Dayton Oaks Bible Camp near Fort Dodge, IA over Thanksgiving.  I don't think I have pictures of everybody, but it has to be close!   Memories of this family time include losing electricity in the main building an hour or so before we were to eat our Thanksgiving meal late Friday afternoon.   The turkey was done, but everything else needed to finish cooking in the microwave in the retreat house.  It took 4-5 hours to have the problem fixed, including 1/2 hour with no electricity anywhere.  Attempting to entertain all those kids without light was quite interesting.    The bonus of the trip was seeing Mom and Dad and Michael who drove down for the day on Saturday as well as Bryan and Becca and family who also spent the majority of the day on Saturday with us.   I am looking forward to Christmas break when I can see the rest of the Bleeker clan.

Alethea (Nathan's youngest)

Karissa (Renee), Becca (Nathan), and Kristina (Renee)

Lydia, Abigail (Philip), Anna, Katherine (Renee)

The game table (Nathan on the left, Russ, Josiah (Philip's oldest), Philip, Keith and Nicolas)

Jonathan and Benjamin (Nathan) playing while Nathaniel (Philip) keeps score

Johanna (Nathan), Katherine (Renee) and Lydia.  Johanna is only a few days older than Lydia.

Nicolas and Josiah (Philip) and Kristina (Renee) and Sara (Keith)

Russ and I taking turns holding baby Austin.  Nathan and Tisha are currently guardians for this little guy.

Making and enjoying breakfast.  Russ, Matthias (Philip), Skylar (Mara's fiancee), Sara (Keith) and Keith.  And of course that is my hungry Seth enjoying pancakes:)

Making lots of paper bead bracelets

Seth with Sadie.  Keith and Beth are permanent guardians of Sadie and hope to officially adopt her when she is older. 

Matthias and Kaylan (Philip).  Kaylan has now been officially adopted by Philip and Pam.  Bradley and Claire--Carol's son Vey's children.
Kind of blurry, but this is Mara and Keanu, both of Keith and Beth.

Leah (Keith), Karl (Renee) and my goofy Anna

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