Monday, March 12, 2012

We Have Butterflies!

We are so excited we went five for five with our butterflies!  We were a little worried since Lydia accidentally dropped the jar with the pupae in them.    Hopefully, the weather will be warm enough that we can let them go outside in a few days.  This is a great, fairly inexpensive home project and I highly recommend it. 

Our Butterfly House

On a different note...

We haven't noticed mice for several months.  No droppings on the counter, no noises in the kitchen during the night, no special gifts from Smokey, and no chewed through bread bags.    So imagine our horror Sunday morning when we drained dishwater that had been setting in the sink all night (which is gross, anyway) and were looking at a dead, drowned mouse lying in the bottom of the sink.  I can not put into words how disgusted I was.  I mean, this is something that happens in Oliver Twist or something, not in my kitchen.    And to think the kids all felt sorry for the mouse...

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