Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Beautiful First Week of Track!

Granted, track starts later here in Michigan than it did in Iowa, but I certainly cannot remember a first week of track practice that was sunny and in the 70s every day!   The season started off a little rocky at times, but I think we are finally going to see a little stability in numbers/attitudes/work ethic starting next week.   Russ gave his "I'm in charge and you're not" speech to one athlete this week who seemed to be testing Russ' authority (those who have coached with him I'm sure would have appreciated the talk).  Russ has also gained the respect of the football coach who has sent us several good football athletes which seems to have raised the bar for the other boys and improved the overall legitimacy of going out for track.  I think Russ has somewhere between 15-20 boys out right now.  Last year only one girl was out for track; this year we have seven.  Both Russ and I have had to give a little talk on modesty; no shirts off for guys, no open shirts that show sports bras for girls.   Although the athletes always grumble a little, they seem to respect the "rule". 

Thursday night was parents night and Russ and I were able to meet several of the athletes' parents.  A couple of moms expressed a concern regarding nutrition, especially for the girls, so I plan to give a little "nutrition" talk on Wednesday before practice.   I pray the talk goes well, that I can express what I want to say clearly, and that it is well received by the athletes.   I also saw someone at the meeting that I probably haven't seen in 25 years--Chuck Willekes.  His son, Kenny, is a recent transfer from Plymouth HS and is thinking about joining the track team.    I imagine he will show up for practice starting next week along with those that have not been with us due to the school play. 

We ordered inexpensive stopwatches for the youngest three so they could also "coach".  They have been a huge hit during practice.  Seth was such a cutey with his stopwatch and baseball cap.  He looks just like Caleb did 10 years ago when he wanted to be "just like Dad" and wore a baseball cap and carried a stop watch around his neck all the time.

We have our first meet, an indoor one, next week Friday already.  Russ has already told parents and athletes that we will treat it like a glorified practice.    Should be interesting as we haven't even started field events yet.

Oh, and if you are going out for your walk or run this spring be sure to check the bushes that you run past.  Russ found a $100 bill on his run.   I have faith that God will always provide for our family during these "transition" years, but I am always amazed at the means by which he chooses to do so!

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