Friday, March 2, 2012

Lake Michigan

On Michigan's sandy shore
I saw shells more and more.
I pick them up one by one
Under the warm and burning sun.

The water crashes on the rocks;
The boats are tied to the docks.
Seagulls fly through the air
On the same wind that ruffles my hair.

Lighthouses shine for boats;
In the summer we don't wear coats.

When I dig in the sand
I find rocks that look like a band.
Sometimes I make sand caves
that are broken by the waves.

I like to swim way out deep;
Every shell I find I keep.
Lake Michigan is so much fun;
Now the wonderful day is done!

By Anna Herman, Age 10
Inspired by a trip to Lake Michigan on March 1
while in Holland, MI listening to Caleb's orchestra perform for 
festival.  She was imagining a warm day in summer, not the 
cold day she experienced in the pictures!

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