Monday, March 5, 2012

Can You Read This?

Seth proudly handed a piece of paper to me after church last night asking me not only to read what he wrote, but to answer the questions that went with it.   I so wanted to be a good mom and read what he wrote, but it was a struggle.   I think the no spaces between words was the hardest for me.  I typed it up below just as he wrote it.  How would you do? 

JesusAndHisdisciples (Russ helped him spell disciples)





Translation with the correct answers (per Seth) in parentheses after the questions.

Jesus and his disciples went to the Passover and ate.
What did they eat?  (bread and wine)
What did they see? (the soldiers coming)
What did they cut off?  (ear)
What did Jesus say?  (Father forgive them, or It is finished)

Just love that phonetic spelling!

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