Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Day!

This may look like a picture of Anna snuggled up by the fire in her jammies before she goes to bed one night.  But actually this is in the morning of our first snow day.  The electricity went off at 6:15 or so and by 7:30 the house was freezing.  It was still snowing, the temps had dropped, and the wind picked up.  Russ started the fire and the kids huddled around with blankets.  Since it was still dark in the house the kids all used flashlights (bingo table--thanks, mom!) to read their books.     The electricity went on again around 8:45 or so, but the temps in the house had already dropped to 59 degrees!   Russ did have class at the seminary, but we enjoyed having Caleb home for the day.

The snow was beautiful, though.   It seemed as if we were looking outside at our own big snow globe.  Since the snow was a little wet and heavy at first it clung to the trees/bushes making a beautiful snowscape.

Thought this was so neat

The birds love this big bush

Anna loved this little walkway made by the branches of these bushes.

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  1. Not at all envious of the snow, but VERY envious of the snow day. You need one before the other though, don't you? Looks like a cozy day at the Hermans. Wish we could have been there!