Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Skating

Our neighbor has been trying hard to get an ice skating rink made in his backyard again this winter.  The temperatures had been too warm before Christmas to get anything going, and then we had quite a bit of snow before he could get a good ice foundation.  Russ and I saw him out on more than one occasion with cross-country skis packing down the snow so that he could get a layer of ice on top.  At any rate, with the cold temperatures this week he was finally able to have a workable rink.  The kids went out this afternoon to give it a try.  There were some areas of thin ice that caused some serious dips into the snow underneath.  Brian (neighbor) was thrilled the kids were out there and insisted that finding those weak spots will help him get a more solid rink when he waters it later today and tonight.  I am not sure how long this rink will last because the temps are supposed to be in the 40s or upper 30s next week with rain tomorrow night into Monday.

I was amazed how well Seth could skate behind this chair.  This chair has worked better than anything else we have tried like the cones and metal things they have at ice rinks.   I think he will be able to go on his own soon.  Yeah!

Anna trying out her spins.

Nice to have that chair--when you get tired you can sit right where you are!

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