Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Children's Museum

Last year about this time I was able to snag 4 free tickets to the GR Children's Museum on Groupon.  Since it expired in one year and that time was rapidly approaching, we made plans to take the family on Wednesday afternoon.  Caleb missed the fun as he was in school, but I don't think he minded since the museum really catered to the under 7 crowd.   The temps had really dropped outside so I think we ended up choosing a great day to be inside and have fun. 

Giant Lite Brite

Magnetic table

Making a car with giant tinker toys

The house that Jack, I mean Seth, built.  Didn't realize until we were at the museum that Seth was wearing part of his yogurt he had for lunch.  Oh well...

Back at the magnetic table trying to fix up a castle

Russ and Nicolas each made a ball run and had contests to see who's ball reached the bottom first.   Both had winning runs.

Spinning wheel

Ball bath

Gathering eggs at Aunt Daisy's farm

This area was overrun with a busload of kids (literally), and when they left, this area was virtually empty.  The kids had fun organizing the cafe, grocery store, and post office.  I even ordered a hot dog, banana, and dessert at the cafe because the owner had such cute brown eyes.

Anna and Nicolas had more fun putting shapes together than playing in the cafe, etc.

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