Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dairy Tour

It was a couple of weeks delayed, but Seth did get his dairy tour for "C--Cow" week!  We stopped at Greg's dairy in Kirkman on our way to Glidden (Russ' parents) as we were making our slow trek back to Michigan.  Cora and Marlon met us at the dairy on their way home from Ankeny.  Most of the pictures are courtesy of Cora since I left my camera in the van for most of the tour.    This is what the kids enjoyed:

Seth--watching the cows get milked
Lydia--standing in the middle watching the cows go around and seeing the calves
Anna--the calf pen
Nicolas--just appreciated how the whole operation worked
Caleb--enjoyed it all, but didn't see himself as a dairy farmer--too dirty.  (Not surprising coming from Mr. Clean himself).

And here are the photo highlights:

Watching the cows go around on their carousel from the viewing window.

Walking between the carousels.

Putting on the milking machine.

Our tour guide--he was so patient with all our questions!

Nicolas was interested in all the information stored in the computer on each cow.

I thought I could catch a drink of fresh milk, but wasn't flexible enough to get down that far!

I don't remember what Greg was explaining here, but Nicolas and I were riveted at the time.

In the cow barns

Cows getting a pedicure
In the calf pen with all the newborns

Isn't this beautiful...the Iowa farmland and all that sky, I mean.

Thank-you Greg for taking time to take us around.  We all learned a little bit more about dairy farming and enjoyed seeing/sharing this part of your life.

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