Thursday, August 25, 2011

West Michigan White Caps Baseball

Tuesday night we utilized the kid's free tickets from the library reading program and watched the West Michigan Whitecaps in action.  The Whitecaps won, the game was exciting, and we even were able to watch a lightening show before the sky opened up around the 8th inning.  Other than for church and seminary activities I think this was the first time we went to an activity in the Grand Rapids area and saw several people we name even!  

The sky is darkening!

And the rain pours down...

Wednesday night we attended Caleb's back to school night as a family.  Caleb was able to walk through the school, find his classrooms and meet all the teachers.  The entire staff was incredibly warm and I feel pretty good about sending my oldest to high school on Monday.  Russ will be tutoring on Mondays at the HS for Algebra I and II students.  On Monday at Caleb's freshman class party put on by room moms I actually met a dad whose son will be tutored for Alegbra I.  First adult I saw, first one with whom I shared introductions, and when I start to describe our history (move from Iowa, husband in seminary, homeschool other kids, etc) he says, "I think I know of your husband.   Will he be tutoring at NP?  In Algebra I?  My son will be tutored by him."  Even here in Grand Rapids I can't escape being known as Russ Herman's wife!  How is it that everyone always seems to know him first?!?  Of course, I do not mind in the least, but I did think it was quite funny that the first person I meet/greet in a sea of unfamiliar faces had heard of Russ.

Russ has finished up the research work that he was doing for Dr. Murray this summer.  He did give Russ additional work that he can do in his "free" time (reading and reviewing books, I think).  Now he is just working through his summer Hebrew assignments, downloading syllabi, and ordering/obtaining his books for the fall. 

The bad news of the week thus far is that our Montana is struggling.   It has been shaking when we start it up and the "service engine" light goes on.  We took it in for a service on Wednesday and wanted him to take a look at that for us.  He called late afternoon and said the head gasket is going, the shocks in the back are shot, and has a concern about the transmission from some of the other "symptoms" Russ had mentioned.   We were both pretty bummed to hear the news.  With all we have going on at the start of the school year, making a decision first of all on what to do (fix or buy), spending the money to fix or buy something different,  and then possibly spending the time to look for another vehicle all seem overwhelming right now.   I don't think it was a mistake that Seth's bedtime devotional that night from Sammy and His Shepherd was about being "cast down" and the Great Shepherd restoring our souls...I think I will just go to bed and at least restore the body and then pray that he will restore my soul to trust him to take care of us as he has done so well in the past. 

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