Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation--Second Stop, Part One: Lydia's Birthday

From Wausau, WI we made our way to Big Sand Lake in Park Rapids, MN.   On Monday, August 1st, child #4--our feisty, huge-hearted, loving, emotional, accident-prone Lydia Gabrielle turned 8.  She is finally losing her baby teeth (two on this trip alone!) and looking just like an 8 year old.   She loves celebrating her birthday at Big Sand (she did last year, too) and insisted on ice cream in a bag with candy toppings.  We had made this at home several times and thought we had it down to a science, but it didn't work so well on her birthday.  We made up the rest of the ice cream a few days later and it worked much better as we had more ice and it was a little cooler outside.  The idea came from Family Fun magazine if anyone is interested.   I love how Anna is right there by her in the pictures as if to say, "What did we get for your birthday?"

Becca, you were such a trooper--how long did you shake bags?

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