Monday, August 22, 2011

Week Update

I think after being home for a week, we are back into a little bit of a least for another week or so until school starts.   Caleb survived his first week of soccer practice and his first tournament.  Not much to survive tournament-wise as they only played half a game before it was called for lightening.  Ultimately, the entire tournament was called for thunderstorms.  They did a lot of sitting on the bus waiting, but maybe that was good as it forced the boys to get to know each other better.

Anna struggled with a sore throat all week last week.  After complaining for 4 days and tears at mealtime when she needed to swallow I decided to get it checked out.  She had no other symptoms (fever, runny nose, cough, etc) so I didn't think it was serious.  Her strep test was negative, but her tonsils were extremely enlarged and inflamed (she actually had trouble swallowing because of the lack of room in her throat).  She is feeling better now, but I am concerned about how she will do through the winter months as we had been warned when she had tubes and adenoids removed that she would need tonsils out sometime also.   Guess I am borrowing trouble again:)

Russ also made a trip to the doctor today (although he notes he is a "model of health").  He has had digestive issues for about a month.  We have tried to figure out if it is a food allergy/sensitivity but couldn't seem to make sense of anything.   Today the Dr. thought he may have some sort of diverticulitis.  He had blood work done and was put on Prilosec for a month.  He is to have a follow up in one month.   We pray this will do the trick as he doesn't need health issues on top of an extremely busy fall semester. 

Yesterday we worshiped at the Free Reformed Church with Scott Dibbet preaching both services.  We were able to say good-by to both him and his family as they officially left Grand Rapids this morning on their move to Lacombe, Alberta where he will pastor a FRC.    With his warm, pastoral heart I know he will be a blessing to that congregation.

This week is a busy week as music lessons start up again, PRTS has their annual conference, I have leader's training for BSF and a homeschool meeting with new PRTS families, Caleb has two soccer games and a couple "back to school" events, we have a Whitecaps game to attend,  and the entire family is invited to a lake cottage on Saturday afternoon and evening as a kick-off for the Young People's group at the FRC (Caleb's group).  Hope I can keep everything straight.  In between all the activities we also need to find time to harvest and can pears as our trees are brimming and the pears are ripening nicely!

I finally talked Nicolas into not eating so many fresh tomatoes so I could make salsa!

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