Friday, July 22, 2011

Retaining Wall Before and After

Here are  a few before and after pictures of our retaining wall that Russ and the boys worked on this summer with lots of help from Jim Bleeker and his boys.  Most of the plants came from Russ' brother Philip.   The grass is growing slowly in the dirt areas but hope that will take off soon when it isn't quite so hot.  We have other painting issues that need attention--try not to look at that as that may be next summer's project. 

Before:  broken up pieces of cement right on top of each other with no "glue" to hold them together--not real stable.


Just a little bit of an idea of how many  cement block pieces were in the retaining walls and in our landscape.
Jim Bleeker also took a trailer load of cement block since it didn't all fit in this huge dumpster.

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  1. Looks great guys! What a huge project. I really like the color of the block.