Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Rapids

We just made our third visit in three weeks to Big Rapids, MI.  The closest dental clinic that accepts our kids' dental insurance is an hour away in Big Rapids.  They would only schedule two of the kids at a time so we needed to make three trips.  The city (town)? of Big Rapids is on the Muskegon River and very close to Cran-Hill Ranch where lots of RCA kids have gone to camp or worked as counselors.    After our dental visits we decided to eat  picnic lunches by the river and explore a little bit.  Have I mentioned that we love being outdoors hiking, wading, exploring, and just enjoying all that God has created?  We even enjoy meeting new people like the old fisherman we met who loved to tell us stories.

Today Nicolas found a soft shell turtle. I know, I thought the same thing, "I've heard of a soft shell taco, but a soft shell turtle?  Nope."  The kids told me that they had one at the nature center, but I must have missed the name of it.   Nice to know they actually read the names and descriptions of the animals:)  I forgot my camera today so couldn't take a picture of it, though.  I know it surprises all of you that Nicolas was actually looking for frogs and toads when he came upon the turtle.  Anyway, the kids all made it through their dental exams without cavities, Yeah!  And the clinic was willing to make an exception next time and have all the kids come on one day.  Yeah!

The kids were excited that the park was like Kinderspielen

On the bridge over the river.  Click on the picture to see it a little bigger.
Lots of people tubing and kayaking on the river.

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