Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Week

It has been a long week here without Russ or Anna.   Here are a few activities we kept ourselves busy with this week:

Monday we went to Big Rapids for Seth's dental appointment (see previous blog).  Lydia and Seth also had their first swim lesson at the Y that evening.

Tuesday afternoon we went to the Mol home again.  The kids again had fun wading and tubing in the creek, catching tadpoles and looking for tree frogs.  Nicolas also found a snapping turtle in the creek.  Rachel's husband was out of town, and Jennifer Penning's (another homeschool mom) husband was working late so we ordered pizza and ate dinner together before heading home.

Wednesday, Caleb and Nicolas had string lessons.  Rather than drop off, come home and pick up again, we found nearby parks to play in during lesson time.  We ran to a neighborhood garage sale after we got back home and bought a whole box of school stuff (three ring binders, construction paper, plastic paper protectors, tabs for a three ring binder, notecards, a few chapter books, stencils) for only $5.25.  That may be the best Back to School shopping I do!  The lady was a retiring teacher and only too happy to part with her stuff.  We ate a quick lunch and headed to the Meekhof pool.  We left her pool just in time to get to the Y for the second night of swim lessons.  Driving downtown was a little hairy on Wednesday because Betty Ford's body was arriving at the Ford Museum at the same time we needed to leave the Y (almost across the street from each other).  Lots of streets were closed and many people were lining the streets to watch the motorcade.  Following swim lessons we raced home to catch a bite to eat before heading to the Plymouth School baseball diamonds to play ball with the kids from the Free Reformed Church.  I pretty much fell into bed that night!

Thurs/Fri and Sat we stayed at home to try to catch up on chores.  We made a library run, cleaned the house, did lots of laundry, vacuumed out the van, prepared the soil and planted grass seed out front, sprayed for weeds, put sand in the sandbox, pulled weeds for Mrs. Tina (elderly lady across the street), scraped paint on the fence out front, and cut out our first harvest from the garden!  Caleb went to a birthday part for Frans Ude on Saturday afternoon.  Frans is from Nigeria and his dad is in seminary with Russ.   

On Friday our vacuum died.  It had been sick for a few weeks and I was hoping it would get better, but it was not to be.  So we took it in to the Vac Shack Friday afternoon and was told there would be no resurrection.   We were able to pick up a refurbished one so I can still clean.  Yeah. 

We didn't see much of Alexa and Aniaya this week.  I talked to Angie (their mom) briefly and she mentioned that one of the girls that was murdered last week was in Alexa's class in school   She sent them to her mom for a few days for a change of scenery as Alexa was pretty upset.   The two girls were over for a little while on Thursday night to make/eat pudgy pies on the fire pit with us. 

Today we plan to be in church twice and then it is Monday--everybody back at home day!

Meekhof pool

Lydia getting brave on the diving board at the Meekhof pool

Seth doing fancy jumps off the side

Connie Meekhof, taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

The Meekhof boys cut up the old pool cover and made a giant slip and slide down the sledding hill.  This hill is fast when wet!

Baseball with the FRC kids

Our first harvest

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