Monday, July 11, 2011

Homeschool Picnic

One of the homeschool moms from the Free Reformed Church organized a picnic at a great park in Granville for those of us who regularly attend group activities.  The idea was to discuss activities and field trips for the next school year.  But, well, no one really was ready to discuss school so we just enjoyed watching the kids play and talked about what was keeping our families busy this summer.

Some of the homeschool kids

One of the girls brought her pet rat and Lydia fell in love with it.  The face is cute, but the tail...I just can't get past the tail.

Weston Kleyn in the orange shirt enjoys being with Nicolas.  He came to our house after the picnic for a sleepover.

Oops!  Needed to save the ball from the creek.  The Mol family lives pretty close to this park and this is the same creek that runs in their backyard that the kids played in a few weeks ago.

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