Friday, June 24, 2011

A Visit to the Mol Family

On Monday a home school family we met from the Free Reformed Church invited us to their little acreage.  They have a creek running through their backyard that the kids had fun wading and riding the tubes down.  They also had a pool in the backyard that was not set up yet, and had lots of tadpoles and frogs.  Any ideas who hovered around the pool with a net to see what he could catch?  Hint:  The same child also carried a kitten around while catching tadpoles.   The Mol family also own several acres of wooded land and a have made a dirt path through the wood for the kids to ride the 4-wheeler on.  The 4-wheeler was in the shop for repairs.  Nicolas was disappointed; mom was not.

We had a fun afternoon connecting with another family.  We left Russ at home, working on the landscaping.  He heard back from Bruce K. regarding his construction job and found that priorities have shifted and therefore is not needing Russ right now. So, Russ will continue to pick away at his work at home, learn Hebrew and work on the other two classes he is doing.  

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