Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The first full week we were in Iowa, Russ, Caleb, and Nicolas shingled a house in Orange City.  Marlon helped a couple days and Nathaniel, a young man that attends BSF with Mom and Dad, helped one day as well.   I had told the boys, "If you work hard on the roof, Dad will treat you like hired help."  Boy, did they get lots of mileage out of that misspeak.  "How many days 'til we're just hired help?"  "Is it tomorrow that you no longer treat us as your sons, but hired help?"  And on, and on, and on...  They did work hard; Russ paid them and both were excited about their first "paycheck".   Mom and Dad were excited that they learned a skill and the rewards of hard work!

We stopped by one morning and brought doughnuts for the workers.  Of course, all needed to get on the roof at least once!

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