Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tea Party

One thing my girls insisted we do at Grandma B's house was have a tea party.  They know Grandma has lots of hats to dress up with, and I promised them they could use some of my old prom and bridesmaid dresses.  We found a pair of gloves at the thrift shop in Orange City a few days earlier to round out at least one outfit.   Here are a few pictures of our wonderful tea party.  Oh...the girls insisted that I dress up too. 

Some of the beautiful ladies that attended the tea party:

Looking so pretty in pink!

Look at that smile--think she's having fun?

Look at those beautiful eyes!

The perfect little lady!

A picture of sweetness!

Some of the wonderful food:

Anna wore a prom dress from my junior year of high school (I still love that dress!).  Lydia wore a bridesmaid dress from my college roommate's wedding.   And I wore a dress from my cousin Susan's wedding (it was a little tight--not sure I could even close the back zipper all the way:)

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