Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bike Trail

Note:  This is the last "while we were in Iowa post."

Bryan and Becca rounded up several bikes from friends and family and we joined them for a bike ride on the bike trail one Saturday afternoon. After enjoying the bike ride we ended up back at Bryan and Becca's house (the bike trail runs right in their backyard) where she made supper for us--yummy meatball sub sandwiches.   The weather that afternoon/evening was beautiful.  Highlights of the afternoon/evening included watching little Rachel bike all the way to the park, seeing Andrew's face after he blew a tire and then watching him run the rest of the way to the park to catch up with the other cousins, watching Pugslee slide down the slide on the kids' play area, wondering where Dave and Nikki get the energy to chase little Nora (oh, yeah they are over 10 years younger than I am...), finding out Nora does not like riding in a Burley, and just enjoying watching the cousins play with each other again.

Other highlights from Iowa:  joining my old book club's meeting at the coffee shop;  spending part of a day on the Abe and Amy Scheaffer acreage, meeting Gideon for the first time, and being refreshed with the friendship of a wonderful, godly friend;  helping out mom and dad while mom recovered from foot surgery; seeing Lynn and Cory as they returned from Haiti for the summer; and listening to Russ preach twice on Sunday at Harvest PCA.  We had a full two weeks and needed to go back to Grand Rapids to rest! 

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