Thursday, March 30, 2017

Ligonier National Conference 2017

The Ligonier National Conference this year was in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  The messages mostly dealt with the idea that the God who brought the Reformation is the same God who is still at work today.  All messages can be watched on-line for free at the Ligonier website.  One of my favorite parts of this conference was the international flavor with speakers not just from Scotland and England, but also from Brazil, Italy, and Indonesia.  I did miss Russ and the kids, but enjoyed being with Dad and Mom, Aunt Lila, and the rest of our wonderful housemates.  

Another favorite part of the conference is singing the great hymns with 4000+ people.

Our group from Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Idaho, and California!

When the guys had a little down time they resurrected their Calvinists vs Arminians pool game.   Pretty sure the Calvinists won, but not sure who was who.  Just heard lots of laughter from this room.

Much to the envy of my children we also made a quick afternoon trip (between raindrops) to the beach.  Not exactly sure what this was washed up on the beach, but thinking it may have been a Portuguese Man-of-War

I just had to take a picture of this cardinal who came to visit us at the beach.  We don't have cardinals in Idaho, and I miss seeing their brilliant red and hearing their distinctive whistle.

Of course, no Florida visit is complete without an alligator sighting.

The warmth and humidity, plus a little wind made for an interesting hair day!

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