Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Caleb's Spring Break 2017

Nicolas and Anna are on spring break right now, so we are taking this week off from homeschool as well.  Yesterday we had a great day driving to Twin Falls to see the Shoshone Falls and then taking our time on the way back to stop at few other hidden Idaho gems.  I will post pictures of that trip on another blog.  

For this post, I want to share pictures of Caleb's spring break which was the first part of March.  He began his break in Johnson City, TN for the NAIA National track meet, running in the 4x400.  They did not make it out of prelims, but he had a great time just enjoying the overall ambiance of being at a high quality track meet.  (Of course he did.  He is a product of his parents, after all:)  From there he flew to Grand Rapids, MI to meet the Dordt orchestra and band for spring tour.  I was in Orlando, FL for the Ligonier Conference most of the time he was on the road and enjoyed immensely all the pictures he sent me along the way.  I only know generally where all the pictures were taken, but thought I would put them in a post so someday we can enjoy seeing them again in a blog book.

Niagara Falls

One of the concert venues (not sure where)
Dutch homes in New Jersey (Sussex area?)

  Sunrise mountain and a portion of the Appalachian trail from the back deck of the house Caleb stayed.
Rockefeller Center

Times Square

North Pool at Ground Zero

Lady Liberty

Central Park

They didn't have a chance as a group to take in Washington D.C. even though they were only about 30 minutes from the nation's capital.  After their concert that evening (about 9:30), however, their host dad offered to take them into the city to see the sights on the National Mall at night.

 A church over a century old where they gave a concert in/near Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH

He said they stopped at Fair Oaks to use the bathroom.   What?!?  No grilled cheese?  No chocolate milk?  Kind of a waste of a bathroom stop if you want my opinion...

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