Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Grandpa and Grandma and Michael's Thanksgiving Visit

Here are a few highlights from another wonderful visit:

1.  Worshiping together at Cloverdale URC on Sunday and Thanksgiving morning.  This especially includes Nicolas' profession of faith on Sunday.

2.  Driving to Stanley, ID with a traditional snack and potty stop at the Lowman Ranger Station.

Another traditional stop: the scenic overlook of the Sawtooths.  This time we could see the obvious burn out area from forest fires this summer.

Seth is throwing snowballs up to Zoe and she is catching them in her mouth.  We are an easily entertained group.

 3.  Picnicking at Redfish Lake

4.  Introducing Michael to the hot springs.  It was super busy so only Russ and Seth were brave enough to get their suits on and join the crowd.

5.  Spending two nights in a cabin in Garden Valley right on the middle fork of the Payette River.  
We laughed a lot playing games.  One of my personal favorites was watching Seth's dance moves on the Wii to get us more time while playing a trivia game.  Not only did he not gain us a few more seconds, his impressive dance moves actually lost us time.  And who knew Lydia was such a trash talker during Wii bocce?  We also reintroduced our kids to Princess Bride.  The younger three watched the movie when they were too young to appreciate the humor or the story line. Now they understand why people are always quoting the lines or selling things like:

The top picture is a view from the cabin out to the river and the bottom picture is a view from the river back up to the cabin.

6.  Shopping in the big town of Crouch for undies for that one person who forgot to pack them.  I never would have guessed that we would find tighty whities in a small antique and craft mall.  I can still see the delight on that person's face when they were discovered.

Still not sure if this was intentional or just a big stencil error.

7.  Enjoying the elk and deer near the river the first evening we were at the cabin.

8.  Exploring the river with Seth and Zoe.  

9.  Hiking Table Rock with Uncle Michael.

10.  Eating street tacos in the Village and watching the light show to Michael Buble's White Christmas.

11.  Renewing friendships with George and Marilyn who joined us on Thanksgiving.  Austin from Mountain Home AFB also joined us and entertained us with magic card tricks.

12.  Playing Tenzi all the 77 different ways.

13.  Watching the new Anne of Green Gables on Thanksgiving night.  Still not sure anything can beat the original. I've watched it more times than I can count as it is a family favorite. 

Lots of great memories.  We look forward to the next visit already!

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