Friday, December 2, 2016

A Little Trip to Cascade, ID

Early in November, the CVCS kids did not have school on a Friday due to a teacher in-service day, so we decided it was a good time to make use of a gift certificate to the Ashley Inn in Cascade, ID.   We left on Thursday after school and headed north about an hour and a half.  Ashley Inn was beautiful, homey, clean, and comfortable.  Nicolas thought it may have been a little frou-frou, but enjoyed the cozy fireplace, relaxing hot tub, and yummy breakfast with the rest of us!

In our hotel room we found a several page list of DVD options we could check out at the front desk. After swimming we had family movie and game night.  We took a break to enjoy warm cookies and hot chocolate/tea and milk down in the lobby around 8:00.  After sleeping in, eating a huge breakfast, and swimming again, we checked out of the hotel around noon.  We drove up a "mountain" and then hiked down to a lake nestled between the craggy slopes.  We had beautiful weather (50s?) so were amused to be hiking in snow.  

This "Charlie Brown" tree was just growing around a huge boulder.  

 Our first glimpses of the lake.

 Falling water always makes such a lovely sound!

 Contemplating his future, perhaps?

Making the long trek back up to the trail head.  Seth found an oar down by the lake that he was going to set up at the trail entrance.  He used it as a walking stick on the hike back up, so not sure if it was in quite the same shape as he found it.

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