Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Few Homeschool Projects

Other than our Casual Co-op activities, I haven't posted much about homeschool this year.  Most of what we are doing is a repeat of the second year I homeschooled in Michigan.  Hopefully, since Lydia and Seth are older they are learning more the second time around.  I offer all the projects that we did last time but have given them the option whether they want to do them or not.  These are the ones they chose, most coming from our Egyptian unit.

Mummifying Barbies

Painting clay tablets with Egyptian art.

Dressing up and eating an Egyptian meal.

They also put together an Egyptian home, but I didn't get a picture of that one.  The only other major project that they put together was not Egyptian related.  They made and set up all the pieces of the tabernacle.  I did not get a picture of that one either before they took it down and stored it. 

Other than that it is pretty much like any other school--math, English, writing, science, spelling, etc.   The only thing we did different this year was our reading unit.  Instead of each one having their own book/reading unit, we all studied Little Women together.  We read about three chapters a week discussing vocabulary words, comprehension questions, and different literary elements each Thursday or Friday.  Just last week we ended our unit by watching the movie.  We all heartily agreed that the book was MUCH better.  This format worked so well, we are going to read Oliver Twist next semester together.  

Right now we are just enjoying our break from school!

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