Wednesday, August 27, 2014

On Our Way to Boise, ID

On Sunday on our way out to Boise we stopped in Reliance, SD to see Russ' brothers Nathan and Keith and their families.  Also, that afternoon Russ' high school/college friend who lives in Pierre, SD came down with his family to visit all of us.   Russ' dad also drove up from Iowa on that Sunday as he was going to spend a week or so helping Nathan with the large addition he is adding to his house.  

The coveted mobility toy:  Radio Flyer Ziggle

This little cutie, Sadie Grace, took me on a little "nature" walk and had me take pictures of all our treasures:  A heart-shaped rock, a dead bat, and a bunny.

Nathan's house addition as of August 3:

 Russ and Shannon

Seth with Grandpa Herman

 These two cousins were born just a little over a week apart.  Johanna turned 11 just before Lydia did this summer.

Caleb took a few pictures on our drive to Boise.  We just couldn't get enough of the beauty of the sky (maybe living in Michigan with all of its trees made us miss seeing so much sky?).  It was especially neat to watch the sky as the storm rolled in.  Not quite as much fun to drive through, however. 

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