Monday, August 11, 2014

Grant and Nadia's Wedding

The weekend before we left Grand Rapids and headed to Big Sand we had the privilege of traveling to Nicholasville, KY for some of the family to take part in cousin Grant and Nadia's wedding.  Russ officiated, Nicolas and Caleb provided the music for the ceremony, and the rest of us just provided moral support  

The wedding and reception were in what had once been a horse barn and my girls and I thought the vintage decorations were beautiful.  

Our memories of the trip:
      1.  Visiting with relatives in the breakfast room at the hotel (Me)
      2.  Giving Grant too many words to repeat and forgetting the foot washing part of the ceremony (Russ and Lydia)
      3.  Trying hard not to get lost on the winding Kentucky roads (All of us)
      4.  Good food especially the pasta at Bella Notte and eating with Grandpa and Grandma at the Copper River Grill (Nicolas)
      5.  The wedding, dancing, and meeting new people (Caleb)
      6.  Too many people (Anna)
      7.  Not having a swimming pool at the hotel (Seth)

Beautiful Kentucky scenery right outside the barn door:


Lovely Decorations:

Lovely people:

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