Monday, August 11, 2014

Michigan "Lasts"

I thought I would post a few "last time" pictures of places we enjoyed and "good-byes" to people we loved.

Grand Rapids Public Museum:  Our membership expired the end of May so we took a quick trip the day before it expired because we really wanted to see the Lego exhibit.  Of course, we managed to take a peek at all our other favorites too.  We even remembered quarters for the player piano:)

They had the cutest Lego city set up.  It reminded me of the Lego movie on a smaller scale.  Posted by the city was a "find-it" sheet where you could check off all the people/things listed.  The kids had fun trying to locate everything on the list.

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Lake Michigan:  We were not sure when we could fit in a trip to the Lake with all the packing and summer commitments.  With Bible study, youth group, and VBS each taking an evening it was difficult to find a time.  When Renee and Andy came out to help us pack up the last of our things and begin loading the truck we found a 4-5 hour window to head to the beach and reward the kids for working so hard.  It was a perfect day for swimming and we all had a great time.

On warm days we have always seen kids jumping from the pier.  All it took was a little peer (get it?) pressure from their cousins and ALL made the jump, even little Sethie.  The older boys tried to perfect their flips much to mom's dismay.

Frederick Meijer Gardens:  It was raining in May when we went with Grandpa and Grandma Bleeker, Grandpa Herman, and Caden so our tour outside was cut short.  This time we had a beautiful afternoon and were able to explore all the grounds, even the cute little farm they had set up.  I love the sculptures throughout the park.

The shells and bells in Mary's garden

Anaiyah:  This good-bye was one of the saddest events of the move.  She is such a tomboy; a "tough" girl.  To see her blinking back tears and trying so hard not to cry as her best friend, Seth, packed up and rolled out of town was more than I could stand.  Seth didn't cry, but I did!

Miss Tina:  Our 90-some year-old neighbor across the street moved into an independent living apartment this past spring.  We went to visit her once and promised her we would come back to visit before we moved.  She was waiting for us and had an entire bag stocked with candy for our trip.  Since we didn't come until the day we rolled out of town, she was afraid we left without visiting her.  We couldn't leave without a promise to write and send pictures of our new house and the Boise area.

One of our favorite places was the Blandford Nature Center and we did not get a chance to make a "last time" visit and take pictures.  Obviously, we had a "last time" visit, but we didn't know at the time it was going to be!

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