Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Boy's Treasures

Seth has a camouflage fleece Columbia jacket (I think it is from Andrew because it has 
'Haverdink' written on the tag) that he wears every day.  All day long.  It finally struck me that I had never seen it go through the wash, so decided one evening after he was in bed to try to get it washed and dried by the next morning.  I lifted the jacket up and  couldn't believe how heavy it was!  As I emptied pockets (four of them!) it soon became clear why it was so weighty.

A pile of special rocks, popsicle stick with string wrapped around it, several pens and pencils, glass beads, marble, fingernail clipper, two paperclips, a gooshie ball, wooden whistle, Crayola chapstick, Guatemala pocket knife, tape measure, little container of vaseline, four erasers, notebook from Artprize, pony tail holder, head phones, bracelet and a couple pins.  

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