Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jr/Sr Banquet

Caleb told me he was planning to pick up his date, Rachel, and then head to Noto's (Italian restaurant where the banquet was held) for pictures first.  I kind of wanted to take pictures of him with his date, but wasn't sure what the "protocol" was.  I knew the girls' moms would go to take pictures, but did the boys' mom's go to take pictures too?  And where was Noto's restaurant?    How would I find them inside where they were taking pictures?  (I knew it would be inside because it was raining, cold and windy outside).  How I wish I had more confidence in situations like this! 

It all turned out fine.  I found the restaurant, pulled in the same time as Caleb and Rachel, walked into the restaurant with them and found that everyone was taking pictures on the beautiful spiral staircase.  I was able to meet Rachel's parents and see all the track kids I know looking spiffed up.  

Joey (far left) and Nick and Makayla (next to Caleb and Rachel) are on the track team.

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