Monday, April 7, 2014

Nicolas' Birthday

Nicolas was happy his birthday landed on a Saturday.  His favorite place to be is curled up on the corner of the couch with a good book and some sort of a drink (hot chocolate, sweet tea, homemade lemonade, juice and ginger ale, but never just water).  He's working his way through Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, the unedited version...for the second time.   When he doesn't have a new book to read (and he can't be without a book!), I think he just grabs his favorite classics and rereads them.  I wonder how many times he's read The Lord of the Rings

Except for Seth, all of the kids have moved away from traditional birthday cakes for their birthday.  Instead of asking them what kind of cake, I now ask them what kind of dessert they would like.  I have had many requests for pie, "dirt" cups, and other pudding based desserts, but until this birthday I have never had a request for coffee cake.  Nicolas requested Aunt Alyda's (Michigan Grandma's) Cherry Almond Coffee Cake.

Oh, when Nicolas isn't doing homework or reading a book, he loves to play games.  We thought he could use a new one to bug everybody to play.  

The afternoon of his birthday Nicolas joined Lydia, Seth and I at the Derby car races to see how "his" car performed.  Seth didn't want to participate this year, ("I won the whole thing last year...what's the point?") but Lydia picked up a car, chose a design, and Nicolas helped her with it.   I may have mentioned to a few of his church friends that is was his birthday and right before awards were handed out and the end of the races everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him.   No derby awards for the car this year, but I thought it was the cutest one there...both the car and the girl.  

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