Thursday, August 29, 2013

Family Camp 2013

We enjoyed another couple days of fellowship with the FRC church family at Camp Michawana a few weeks ago which ran from a Tuesday evening 'til Thursday evening.    The theme for this year's FRC Family Camp was Heroes of Faith.   We heard the following messages:

Tues p.m.--Abraham--Russ
Wed a.m.--Conquering Heroes of Faith--Russ
Wed afternoon workshop--Faith's Reasons for Believing--Ian McCleod
Wed p.m.--Moses--Dr. Murray
Thurs a.m.--Abel--Ian McCleod

Of course, in between the messages the kids (and adults) enjoyed organized activities again including tug-of-war, scavenger hunt, hayrides, zipline, archery, beach time, and evening campfires and games.    We left early on Thurs (right after lunch) because the boys had soccer practice and Caleb also had a summer violin recital that evening.  That means we missed the high-ropes course, climbing wall, and a special Olympic Games activity this year.  We did enjoy cool weather which was nice for most outside activities and sleeping, but not as nice for those that were planning on warm beach time.  

Here are a few photos:

 Our cabin for a few nights



Seth loved having his bike at camp to make it easier to get from place to place.   The FRC has a truck that takes all the bikes to make it easier for all to transport.

This was Seth's new favorite game.  After getting the instructions from him I found it to be quite fun, especially when 3-4 more people are in the ring!

Most of the young people and a few youngish old people (Dr. and Shona Murray, Ian, and Russ) played an intense game of soccer one evening.  I thought I would join in for fun but found that it was quite high level so stayed on the sidelines taking pictures.  It was so intense that as Dr. Murray said, "We had a scuffle between clans" when Angus Murray and Ian Macleod (awesome Scottish names!) wrestled and Ian ended up with a sprained ankle.

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