Thursday, August 30, 2012

PRTS Conference

Last weekend the seminary hosted their annual conference; this one on the person and work of God the Father.   Russ and I and the two older boys took turns attending the sessions which ran from Thursday evening until noon on Saturday.  I was able to hear a message by Dr. Beeke and Derek Thomas as well as the Q/A session.  I can highly recommend all of those which can be listened to on  We were able to host Pastor Hakim from Harvest PCA in Orange City (where we are still members), his two oldest children, and two additional PCA pastor friends of Pastor James.  We enjoyed visiting with them and discussing what we had heard in the messages.  (Sometimes late into the evening:).   Next year the conference is on Christian Living and appears to be quite practical in nature.   If you are interested in attending and need a place to stay...we are only 15 minutes from Calvin College's Prince Conference Center! 

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