Friday, August 10, 2012

FRC Family Camp 2012

The Grand Rapids Free Reformed Church Family Camp took place this past week at Camp Michawana with the theme "The Tie that Binds."  Russ gave the first message on Tuesday evening entitled, "My Brother's Keeper (and Sister's too)" which dealt with relationships between church members focusing on love and what love really looks like from 1 Corinthians 13.  Dr. Beeke gave both messages on Wednesday, "Lessons for Marriage" and "Lessons for Child-Rearing."  He gave us principles from the Puritans and their writings as the foundation for these two talks.  Russ gave the Thursday morning talk on "Soul-Mate Friendships."  Using the friendship of David and Jonathan as well as Jesus' interaction with his disciples and nuggets from the Proverbs, Russ gave us a good picture of what soul-mate friendship looks like and why this type of friendship is important.    Mark Kelderman finished out the camp talks with a session entitled "The Essential Union," explaining what it means to have Christ's Spirit and to be complete in Christ.

The chapel taken from the dining hall

Many of the cabins again from the dining hall

 The morning talks were followed by a time of discussion for the adults and older children.   During this time the younger kids (4-11) either had an organized game time or craft time.    Afternoons were always free.  The beach was open and/or you could sign up for various activities.   A campfire was lit each evening for smores (except the last night because of rain) and the older kids (11+) enjoyed a time of group games in the dining room while the adults visited.

All the kids received a coupon for a free ice cream cone
 We had a great time at camp getting to know the members of the FRC better and just enjoying the camp atmosphere.  The church family had two casualties--a broken ankle and a broken clavicle--one on the water trampoline and the other on the slip and slide, but other than that a safe week.  One of my favorite connections of the week came from a youngish mother of five who told me I looked somewhat familiar.  As we talked I realized I babysat her and her sister back when I was in eighth grade and their dad was one of my teachers at the NRC school.    Yes, I did feel just a little old...

I think Caleb just put grass in Nicolas' ear or something.  Note poor Jeff with the broken ankle:(

Here are a few photos of our activities:


Climbing Wall

Made it to the top!

Mini golf


Zip Line

Even Seth insisted on doing the zip line.  He was pretty scared at the first step off, but enjoyed the rest of the way down.  I didn't get any pictures of him because, well, I went with him:)

High ropes course

Yes, the kids signed Russ and I up with the encouragement of the FRC family.  I haven't had that much adrenaline for a long time!

Caleb and Nicolas went as a team.  Knowing Nicolas' fear of heights I was surprised that he participated.  He was glad he did it, but doesn't need to do it again!

Since I couldn't be two places at once, I missed pictures of archery and hay rides.    As we left on Friday morning it was nice to know I still had happy campers!

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